What We Are

Tuff Girl is so much more than a "gym."

We like to call ourselves a community of awesome, committed to helping women realize their potential for greatness.

Because women are unique and different (and we LOVE that!) you won't see a "type" at Tuff Girl. We look different, we have different lives and struggles, and we are at different places in our journey towards health and fitness. But we can agree on one thing: we want to become more. We want to become fitter, stronger, faster, more empowered, and have fun along the way.

What To Expect

Women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels sweating it out together. 

Support, encouragement and an expert team of coaches to guide you every step of the way.

For your first class, come in your regular workout gear and sneakers. (Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving and sweating in!). You can bring a water bottle or buy one at the front desk. No other gear is needed.

Check us out on Instagram for glimpses of our classes, email to schedule a tour and meet our team, or sign up for our two week new client intro offer!

It's ok to be scared! Be brave, show up, and we will support you the whole way through. 

How To Sign up

Create a profile with our Mindbody online scheduler.

Book your first class at a date and time that works for you. Woo hoo!


Check out. You can use our new client complimentary class 

Be brave, show up early, and get ready to have some fun!

We will coach, support and encourage you the whole way through.

You will work at your current level and our incredible team will provide modifications when needed. 

Have questions, concerns, or want to visit or chat prior to coming in?

Email our amazing support team at support@tuffgirlfitnessct.com.

You can also see more Tuff Girl in action on our YouTube channel and Instagram page.

We hope to train with you soon!