You may have never exercised or lifted weights before and that is OK with us! Our team of incredible coaches will safely show you how to perform our movements, make sure you are doing them the right way, and maybe even make you laugh as you sweat your way to STRONGER.

Whatever your goals, our group classes will allow you to build the strength to achieve them -- whether you want to compete in a high-level sport, play in a weekend league, keep up with your kids, or carry all of your groceries in with one trip.

Check out our TUFF 101 classes, which are a great place to start! These classes are smaller in size and move at a slower pace so you develop competency in our basic movements.

TUFF 101

A great place to start. This co-ed class is perfect for those who might be apprehensive about training with us, or who have never picked up a weight before. Come learn the basic movements we perform in a small group environment with one of our amazing coaches. You will have the ability to work at your own pace and take a break whenever you need it. 


A women-only, high energy circuit style training adventure with a variety of training tools to help you ramp up your strength and fitness. The training changes daily. Please check our home page for the training of the day.


A high energy circuit style training adventure that uses a variety of training tools to help you ramp up your strength and fitness. Tuff boys and girls welcome to attend this class. The training changes daily. Please check our home page for the training of the day.


Get in, get sweaty and stronger, get on with your day! Warm up on your own and get right to business. There is no coach led warm-up or in depth class demonstration/explanation, so athletes should know our warm up, most of the movements in our trainings, and how to perform them correctly. This class is not recommended for those brand new to Tuff Girl. 


A program focused on strength as the foundation of all performance. The stronger you are, the better you perform. You do not have to be held back by a body that can’t perform. Whether you are playing with your kids, helping a friend move or trying to dominate the local softball league, strength empowers us and helps us live life to the fullest for many years to come.


Get stronger as you become one with the kettlebell. Designed to build your strength, power and skill using the amazing kettlebell, you will swing, clean, press, squat and deadlift your way to stronger. You do not need to know how to swing a kettlebell to attend this class. 

All classes are led by StrongFirst trained and certified instructors. 


An opportunity for your children to train with you (ages 5 and over), or have them watch as you train. We know the impact parents have on their children and we want to give you the opportunity to share your fitness experience and have them see all your awesomeness in action.

This class is modified in order to provide a safe training experience for you and your child(ren). Children must be at least five years old and adults are responsible for their children at all times. If your child would prefer to sit and watch, there will be a designated area for them to do so.


Adults and kids of all ages will come together to move, dance, play, and climb.  This will be a combination dance and obstacle fitness class for kids and adults to enjoy together.  

All ages are welcome. Children under 12 require adult participation.