You may have never exercised or lifted weights before and that is OK with us! Our team of incredible coaches will safely show you how to perform our movements, make sure you are doing them the right way, and maybe even make you laugh as you sweat your way to STRONGER.

Whatever your goals, our group classes will allow you to build the strength to achieve them -- whether you want to compete in a high-level sport, play in a weekend league, keep up with your kids, or carry all of your groceries in with one trip.

TEAM Training

The group class you have been looking for! Everything you need in one amazing hour. This high energy circuit style group class uses a variety of training tools to help you ramp up your strength and fitness and is offered in both 45 minute and 60 minute formats. This classes varies in movements, timed interval and format every day to keep training fun and exciting. Please check our home page for the training of the day.

All levels welcome.

Perpetual Strength

Perpetual Strength provides for a hour long, group training format. During that hour, we will warm up together, train together and finish together. As we have always done, variations of the three main lifts (squat, bench, deadlift) will be used as a cornerstone of the training program, along with other pushing, pulling, pressing variations, body weight training, carry variations, sled variations and other proven strategies to provide a full body training program that will build all aspects of fitness. We will use one training program, customized to each individual through appropriate regressions/progressions, guided by a coach, structured in a systemized way to help build the person you want to become. It will provide specific, progressive, targeted training with measurable progress and outcomes. And, through a system of milestones and progressions that I am developing, we will have a structured, fun way to track progress and celebrate success.

All levels welcome.

Kettlebell Strong

Get stronger as you become one with the kettlebell. Designed to build your strength, power, endurance and skill using the amazing kettlebell, you will swing, clean, press, squat and deadlift your way to stronger.

You need to have been taught how to swing a kettlebell prior to attending this class. 

The class is for intermediate to advanced athletes.

All classes are led by StrongFirst trained and certified instructors. 

Strong Families

We know the impact parents have on their children and we want to give you the opportunity to share your fitness experience with them. This class is geared towards children and is set up obstacle course style.