The Amazing In All Of Us

Last week I told a friend that she was an amazing human (because she is) and she responded with "I am nowhere near amazing..." I was so saddened by her response and what she though about herself. This woman is kind, supportive, funny, smart and yes, amazing. She has supported me and my family, is an awesome mother, runs her own business, and is incredibly kind and thoughtful. She saw none of this amazingness, only her faults and shortcomings.

Give yourself permission to be where you are and still be loved for it.

Often times, our self worth is tied to our physical appearance. When we don't feel like we are physically enough, we don't feel enough in any other area of our lives. It took me a long while to fully understand how amazing I am. Years and years of self deprecation, negative self talk, and constant critiques of all the ways I certainly was not amazing led to feelings of unworthiness, of never being enough, and resulted in me trying to change my physical self from a place of hatred and loathing. Now I know I am so much more than that! And so are you. 

You are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. 

I often wonder how much better people will be in their life and in their work when they love themselves and realize how amazing they are. What better role models, partners, leaders, collaborators, and contributors they will be when they know they are capable, competent and worthy of being loved, of being respected and of being heard. Where they are freed from the feelings of competition and others are no longer viewed as a threat. Where they are liberated from insecurity and the constant nag of "but what will they think...."

If you are struggling with this, my suggestion to you is to set a timer every hour on the hour during your "working" hours. When it goes off, list at least one thing you do well, or that you love about yourself, or that you are proud of. Even better, keep a notebook filled with your awesomeness. With all the negative, damaging thoughts we allow in our head, we need to counteract them with the good stuff... and lots of it.

In Strength,

Christa Doran

Charles Brooks