Power of She

Power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself. 

-Gloria Steinem

I could see the doctors eyebrows go up, her face curious as Lea told her that "her right arm is her less powerful arm" during todays exam. As my eyes filled up with tears and my heart swelled with pride, the doctor shared with Lea that she was going to use this language rather than saying something is "weak." 

Lea has learned this language from the daily conversations we have about our bodies, our capabilities, and our general level of awesomeness. From how she sees me look at, speak about and treat my body. From the words I use to describe food and exercise. From the way in which I allow others to treat me and speak to me. From the language I use in conversations about girls and boys, men and women. 

March 8 was International Women's Day. But my guess is, based on the volume of emails that flooded your inbox, Facebook posts and Instagram memes, you already know this. As much as I want to be excited about this day, it saddens me that we even need to have such a thing. 

It is my hope, that some day, such a day will not exist, because every day, all women will be respected, valued, and appreciated for their contributions, skills and abilities. We will be treated as equal. We will be paid equally. Our voice will be heard equally. Our contributions will be equally valued and respected. 

I believe this change takes place when women step into their power. When they realize what they are truly capable of. When they demand more from their life and those in it. When they are a living example to their children of what a powerful woman looks like. 

Every day we have the opportunity to make this world better for women and girls by how we act, how we live, the conversations we have, the language we choose to use, and what we allow from others. 

We are amazing, worthy and capable of greatness... even on our "less powerful" days. 

In Strength & POWER,

Christa Doran

Charles Brooks